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Napoli Menu 27 €

Served every day 12 – 1.30 PM and 7 – 9.30 PM


Poached eggs
leek fondue, Porcini mushroom cream with homemade foie gras
Burrata and cherry tomatoes
tomato coulis and pesto sauce
Red tuna tartare with coriander
balsamic vinegar herb mix
Homemade foie gras
apple compote with cinnamon and toast €3 supplement


Rump steak on sizzling griddle (200 g)
fries, choice of sauce : bearnaise, green peppercorn, gorgonzola or camembert
Twice-cooked duck breast
peppercorn sauce, crushed potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes
Lightly grilled red tuna steak (200 g)
Risotto with baby vegetables and leek fondue, red wine miroir sauce


Dessert menu
Gourmet coffee or tea
€3 supplement